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We’re a family-owned company based in Higginsville, MO offering greeting cards, post cards, and prints of landscapes and landmarks from around Lafayette County and from our travels.  Our large prints and canvases can be purchased exclusively from our website by following the Galleries link above. For Lafayette County residents, prints sized 13×19 or smaller, postcards and greeting cards can be ordered by contacting us directly via email or by phone and we will deliver to your door.

Can’t wait for the shipping? You can go purchase many of our greeting cards, suitable for any occasion, at My Sister’s Garden located at 2013 S. Main St. in Higginsville, MO. Skip the shipping charges, and pay our partners a visit!

The Photographers

Tabatha Patterson
Tabatha is a bibliophile and worked at various libraries before turning to photography. Tabatha is the creative workhorse behind Patterson Prints, and is responsible for most of the images we offer. Her specialty is property and landscape photography.

Doug Patterson
Doug is a professor of astronomy and physics at Johnson County Community College and rabid motorsports fan. In addition to helping Tab with Patterson Prints, he also does motorsports photography and opinion writing for